Shop N Go

Charge N Go

Rest N Go

Play N Go

Eat N Go

Phone N Go

Mother care / Feeding rooms

We at ChargenGo wants to make sure the time for the charging your EV is resourcefully utilized with the Exclusive Products and services available at each of the stations

  • Minimart (Shop N Go)
  • Coffee / Tea Shop (Sip N Go)
  • Restaurant (Eat N Go)
  • Kiosk Shops – Mobile (Phone N Go), Dry Fruits (Snack N Go) etc..
  • Clean & Hygienic toilets (Refresh N Go)
  • Sleeping Pods (Rest N Go)
  • Children Play Area (Play N Go)
  • Ample Parking spaces
  • Secure family Environment
  • Single revitalizing stop for passengers


Innovative Features Include

Solar powered supply

LED screens for Ads

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Advertising/ Launch platform

Family environment with high level security

ChargenGo is committed to building a complete charging solution for all EV’s and to develop a network for the same. The initiative is done to protect the Environment by promoting EV’s and Solar Power Systems.

ChargenGo provides an Opportunity for the Entrepreneurs to be a part of the Go Green Revolutions for a #BetterFuture.

The first question that arises to everyone’s mind is Why EV’s?

EV Mobility is the future of transportation. The advantages of EVs over Internal combustion engines (ICE) are:

  • Zero Carbon Emission
  • Zero Sound Pollution
  • No heat generated during transportation
  • Running cost will be down by 80% of the ICE engines
  • Service cost down by 90%
  • And the most important is Driving Comfort