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To Protect the Environment for a #BetterFuture


Encourage EV Revolution

ChargenGo is committed to building a complete charging solution for all EV’s and to develop a network for the same. The initiative is done to protect the Environment by promoting EV’s and Solar Power Systems. We at ChargenGo wants to make sure the time for the charging your EV is resourcefully utilized with the Exclusive Products and services available at each of the stations. ChargenGo provides an Opportunity for the Entrepreneurs to be a part of the Go Green Revolutions for a #BetterFuture. To be a part of the revolution

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Our values are at the core of everything we do. Our process, service offerings and our company culture. Meet our passionate team! Come work with us!


An Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in various business fields in The Middle East and in India. His various enterprise expertise includes – Travel and Tourism, Event Managements, Software developments and Agriculture & Farming.

A hardcore agriculturist by nature; Mr Kabeer, has travelled extensively to understand the nature to study the various benefits provided by the nature for the betterment of humankind. A casual discussion of Mr Kabeer and the other partner Mr Vijeesh way back in late 2018 was the first step for ChargenGo coming into Existence

Abdul Vahab

Mr Vahab has more than 40 years of experience in electronics and power equipment manufacturing – specialized in Inverter Battery, UPS, Servo stabilizers and various power back up system, of which he has spent 9 years in manufacturing and installation of all types of Solar power system. He is also the director of a bank supporting the common man by providing interest free loans for the needy.

His Go Green concept was developed from his basic inbuilt nature of cultivation of fruits and vegetables which has been his passion since childhood. He along with Mr. Adnan has done extensive research in converting the traditional IC Engines into EV’s. They have successfully completed conversions of IC engines into EV and their association with the other two partners have taken their E-mobility concept into the next level – ChargenGo.

Adnan Mandris

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, his Entrepreneurship includes being the director of a highly reputed Educational Institution. He has over 20 years of experience in mining and construction industry in India and the Middle East. He is also into exporting of high quality food products to the Middle East. He is also the director of a charitable association in the region

He has spent a considerable amount of his the last three years into the development and testing of EV conversion kits along with Mr Vahab. He is also one of the first few EV owners of the region (as of June 2020) which shows his passion for the case.

Vijeesh Vasu

An Electrical Engineer with MBA (UK) and over 20 years of Experience. His entrepreneur expertise include being the Partner and Director of companies in UAE and India which provides technological support to government and private companies alike.  The youngest of the Directors who has been entrusted with the additional capacity of taking ChargenGo to the outside world.

He has expensed a considerable amount of time to study the process involved to make sure ChargenGo reaches out to the outside world at the earliest. He has been instrumental in connecting to the various partner associated with ChargenGo

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